Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Look back on my Hair Journey

      This month was to be my mini celebratory month of crossing the fourth year of my hair growth, it feels good to actually see the progress from up until that time. Four years ago I had my friend relax my hair, I had been using a no lye relaxer and decided to switch up to a regular strength relaxer that included lye. So from freshly relaxed hair growth to the tips of my older ends, my hair began to feel extremely dry.
   The very next day, I started to experience shedding, by the end of the week a circular patch evolved at the base of my scalp near my neck, by this time I was feeling a slight hysteria, followed by the fact that I was still grieving over the passing of my mom. I called my friend who did the relaxer and she was at a loss and could not think where she had gone wrong, one of her rules was always to deep condition my hair after a relaxer, by that time I had reached a stillness inside. My hair was breaking off but I could still feel stubble where the patches had formed...
My "big chop" 2008 

 I wore a half wig that I had to work  and by the next week, most likely during Easter holidays, I'm not sure on dates my  two very good friends(they were a couple at the time), who I had met while at "uni" dragged me out of the house, to go river" liming" with them somewhere in Valencia and while there I asked her boyfriend to cut my hair, which he did very neatly with scissors while my (female) friend tried to talk me out of it...So the picture above was the result of that BC(big chop)!
The type of wig I wore to work

I wore wigs to work for quite a while and when my hair started to grow, my "uni" school friend offered to "cane row" my hair, holding on to what she could to sew on weave, and what she could not sew in she  glued! Its unfortunate I don't have much pictures of that time. My laptop I had at the time crashed and I returned it for repairs as I had the extended warranty, but after much was exchanged and all info, mostly pics were gone..some of these are photos I copied from friends
A month or so later I would wear my hair it out to hang out with
So for approximately two years I wore weave, and as it grew under my sometimes inconsistent care, eventually my friend moved further away, which led to me having my hair weaved at a salon. Then finally another friend who indulges in making her own home made wigs and doing braided hair styles offered to weave my hair, which she continued to do, even for me to follow in her own wedding
Friends wedding

Around that time I was introduced to Youtube by my brother  to view some controversial music video, and I created an account and forgot about it, but while surfing the net to read reviews on mineral makeup which was the "craze" at the time, I happened upon hair care for black women, this eventually led me to the "Kimmaytube channel" which is where I learned from her easy to understand videos on natural Hair Care which I adapted to suit me and the products actually available in my little island home of "Trinbago"

My first time flat ironing my hair since growing it out in

This is the result,1 a lovely "poof" as soon as I was

 April 2008-April 2009= 1 year
April 2009- April 2010= 2nd year
April 2010 -April 2011= 3rd year
April 2011 -April 20 12= 4th year

April 2012

On another personal note this blog was originally started through my excitement on getting my book "The Science Of Black Hair", it was to be the "dawning of a new era" in my life where I felt I would be able to share my hair experience, hence my user name Dawn, but so far I've not kept strictly to that road...however  in my mind, I've categorise my writings as more of a lifestyle blog, as for my name change, my first name is Anastasia, which for convenience I shortened to Ana for use here...anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend (^_^) xox


  1. Awesome progress Ana!!! I enjoyed this post. Actually really considering doing the big chop soon and you’ve inspired me. My hair is currently relaxed and BSL which was a goal length I set for myself back in Oct 2010 when I cut it to NL at the start of my hair journey. Now that the challenge is over and I’ve realized my goal I’m bored lol and very curious again about my natural hair. Always been a scissor happy gal so it won’t be my first time with short hair. My 2 year HHJ anniversary was in Oct 2012 and I haven’t relaxed since so I have a mini fro going on at the moment which I’m constantly playing in and twirling. My coils keep calling me – cut me, release me, don’t fry me lolol!!! Maybe after carnival, I wanna get some braids in. Looking forward to more hair posts.

  2. All props go to u girl, before that incident there was no way that anyone was coming near my hair with a scissors!! I luv having my natural hair, but sometimes it requires a bit more patience when it comes to styling. Congrats on your own progress both with when it was relaxed (clap, clap you made it to BSL!!)and even now with your transitioning, I'm presently enjoying using wigs and stuff for protective styling hoping to attain BSL, will definitely give an update in a future post.