Friday, 13 April 2012

Just Chillin'..

      So today was Friday 13th a.k.a. black Friday, today was the beginning of my financial freedom I finally closed off my regular credit card and switched to a prepaid visa card so that I can limit my spending and focus my attention on saving with my "boo", for that dream home...sigh!
      It was also a day to wander around town, to see what was new, Wonderful World had a few sale items at greatly reduced prices, probably with the intention of restocking since there was limited selection on there lip colors but decided to try there LA Girl creme lippies, as for HairCity, a lot of there Nyx lip smackers had sold out, but I was still able to claim another two, Pennywise also seemed to be in need of restocking as far as their Jackelin collection, a friend had asked me to check for her favorite Berry red, which is still in hiding so I left their with just the basic toiletries.

      Stopped off at one at my favorite book lending club in Curepe to see what was available...

Then decided to enjoy some "pomcythere chow" with a good friend of mine, this was given to me by another friend who picked this from a waist high tree?!!
This is mainly garlic, pimento, cucumbers sliced fine,touch of water and salt to taste.

Hope everyone's enjoying there Friday night, its work time for me tomorrow per usual 


  1. The L.A. girl creme lipsticks are lovely and they come in great colours and the price point, you cant go wrong here! But that chow, so yummmy!

    1. OMG! I seriously horrible with responding to comment my mind is all over the place..Anyway I've been trying it out for the past week and I "likey" for the chow by the time we were finished our teeth were "edging"!!

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