Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sally Hansen nail color

 Well, its the end of the month..time for paying bills, groceries and purchasing the usual toiletries, so while making my rounds I stopped at Pennywise. This is where I came across some pre-packaged Sally Hansen nail lacquer, as I've mentioned before I'm pretty simple with my nail care, but I do enjoy getting great value for my hard earned dollars. Locally one bottle of Sally Hansen usually cost around $30..can be more or less depending on where you shop, so this five bottled pre packaged nail lacquer showing a price point of $54.95 was quite a deal and the bottles were definitely full sized. You had the choice of either a light shimmery pastel-like set or a dark vivid dark colors.
left to right:  08 Glossy, 02 Luminous, 05 Flair, 04 Brilliant, 07 Lustrous

     I really try to not do to much impulse shopping, so I circlrd the nail polsh section searching out unusual color ranges which fortunately or not brought my attention to the fact that Mia Secret crackle nail polish was also  sold at Pennywise for $22.95 but the selection at the time was poor and some colors were beginning to show separation, I also spied the Kleencolor crackle polishes at $6.95.
     So what did I get?!! I chose the Sally Hansen dark collection.. why you may ask? Girlfriends it had a "wicked" purple that totally caught and held my attention and with no serious dupe beneath the $15 range..I just had to get it! The colors are super rich and called to mind the glow of gemstones, one coat gives a pretty opaque look..the two coat really maximizes the look...its not to thick or runny and the brush applied the color beautifully.
     Check them out, tell me what you think?!
Flair 05


  1. great deal! sally hansen use to be my favourite polish until i fell in love with china glaze! but this purple rocks!

  2. Thanks Naomi,sorry for the late response!I'm usually a Jordana girl, but now I'll be looking to the higher end brand when I want to add a little pizzaz to my nails,as for your fave brand China Glaze they are really worth a second look!