Saturday, 24 March 2012

Importance of Skin Protection

They all came in box packaging and were each above $50 TT at the time of purchase.
     We all want to age gracefully and retain our youthful appearance and one pertinent step to achieve this is by the use of sunscreen/sunblock protection. There are a lot of products that are available in today market for broad spectrum protection, but an affordable sunscreen for the face that contains both UVA and UVB protection is a bit tricky, when you do find one its like..."see me here today, I'll be gone tomorrow and please ask no questions on when I'll be back!"...
      Why do we need protection from these UVA And UVB rays you may ask?
 Well, lets break down a few terms, UV stands for ultra violet light, these are invisible radiation that comes from the sun, and there are three that are generally mentioned:

  • UVA rays are the most common to reach the earth surface and are present throughout the year, the rays are longer and usually penetrate beneath the epidermis (skin surface layer) causing cell damage which eventually over time result in the loss of skin elasticity, wrinkling and premature ageing.
  • UVB rays is a mid-range ray and do not penetrate beneath the skin surface or epidermis, this ray is usually responsible for vitamin D production, suntan and sunburn, prolonged exposure are believed to cause basal cell carcinoma,squamos cell carcinoma both are different types of skin cancer.
  • UVC rays which usually don't affect us is usually absorbed by the ozone layer or atmosphere around the earth but is said to be the most dangerous if it ever reaches the earth surface.

SPF is the acronym for Sun Protection Factor this measures the length of time its safe to be exposed to the sun rays, namely UVB. To measure you need to know how long it takes your own skin to redden in the sun without using sun protection. So if it takes 10 minutes, and you use an SPF of 15, you just multiply this number by 10(15x10=150), you should be able to stay out for 150 minutes,unfortunately the amount of sunscreen you apply,activity level and ingredients all determine the effectiveness so pay attention to words like water proof and sweat proof and reapply as needed, this where the aerosol or spray type  may come in handy especially with make up use.

n.b. Sunscreen chemically absorbs the UV rays while sunblock physically deflects UV rays.
       Ingredients to look for in your sun protection: avobenzone, zinc oxide,titanium dioxide these three are especially effective for protection from the more harmful UVA rays.

     So I have narrowed down at least three of the more common and affordable selection that I've been able to add to my personal stash, they are all broad spectrum protection and are labeled oil free. My three favourites presently are the Neutrogena, Oil of Olay and Skin Rt. Each has a part to play in my daily regimen
Has 88ml
 Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock SPF 70
This is my sunscreen with the highest Percentage of uva and uvb protection it goes on smooth and dries quickly and really gives my face a smooth but matte finish. I usually wear this when I know I'll be out in the sunlight for extended periods, I definitely use a moisturiser before I apply this, and I prefer to use it when I'm wearing actual foundation cause its gives my face a dull ghostly cast but on the positive side I don't need to worry about reapplying when my face is made up.
Has 52ml

Skin-RT Skin Rescue Therapy- City Block SPF 50+
 This has a more hydrating effect on my skin and dries a bit dewy, so it does not leave the ghostly look to my face, this I also use when I know I will be outdoor for extended periods, generally I don't bother to wear much makeup with this, maybe a  touch face powder,liner and lip gloss.
Has 118ml

Olay Complete- UV skin shield SPF 15
The one I got is for normal skin, the one for combination skin type had finished. This is labeled a moisturiser and was also very hydrating to my skin this I wear for work, since I work indoors and my time spent out doors is really to get to and from my car. I wear this under my normal makeup and don't really worry about reapplication.
Has 75ml

The Olay - natural white SPF 24 UVA/UVB Healthy Fairness Day Lotion
This is something I came across unexpectedly at Glendale's drugstore at Trincity mall, it had some Arabic writing and it did mention Saudi Arabia..anyway this product has no hydrquinone in it but do contain milk lipids which do contribute to the appearance of skin lightening and it also had titanium dioxide.
What I liked about it was the price $25.95. It has a texture that was similar to the dry effect of the Neutrogena, so it works better for me with some type of makeup added to cut the ghostly effect. Unfortunately I had only bought one and when I returned the next was just a memory...

It goes to show there are a lot of unique items within brands that are not necessarily widely available or advertised to the general public, just thought I would add that in. Bye 4 now :c) 


  1. I have the neutrogena one but honestly barely use it, only for long beach days. I will try to remember to use it more often. But I do have some spf 15 in my moisturiser. I shop at gendales too, pity they done have the last one, i was about to go get that!

  2. Hi Naomi, I had my mind set to buy at least 4, what a disappointnment!! From what I researched on the above, the neutrogena is the most stable for outdoors, something to do with the "Helioplex" technology.Your spf moisturiser can work, just check that it has actual ingredients for protection from uva rays as thats the one that causes the most damage!!Stay safe and youthful :)