Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My look for Carnival Tuesday chippin'

      As  the Carnival weekend draws to a close I look forward to the cool down, the beach or river lime and maybe the Avocat Falls hike that two of my overly energetic friends invited me to...On second thought I'm seriously thinking I rather go to a comedy fest or stretch out on a beach that requires no unnecessary exertion on my part to get there than struggling up some hill in the hot sun ..but anyway that's me rambling.. this is my venture into all the variety of greens, yellows and blue that has been dominating the scene this carnival so I'm putting my own spin on things

     Using my old SACHA palette.. at least it in the old packaging (PALETTE # 2 DARK) I started playing around with the colours thinking of tropical birds and  decided upon this look, it was only after I was done did I realise I was more or less  heavily influenced by the look of one of my favourite LOCAL blogger Bellezza in her Citrus Pop look but for me I call this my Pretty Parakeet

For both looks I used my SACHA concealer in caramel
Arista deep brown shadow for eyebrows
L.A Girl fineline and mark my eyes in fine and bold
Milani liquif'eye in black (waterline)
Jackelin lipstick #37 Red

 The colors used for the first look:

  • 2nd row,2nd color counting right (lime green) - center lid
  • 1st row,3rd color counting right (pastel blue) - inner corners of eyes
  • 1st row, 2nd color counting right (blue/green  shade) - outer outer to create  a "v"
  • 2nd row, 1st color counting from your left (mauve ) - used to cut crease

This second look continuing with the tropical bird look, this is my female Eclectus Parrot look.

So these are the color I used for this look:

  • 1st row 2nd from left (yellow) - brow highlight color
  • 1st row 4th from left (light pink) - inner 1/3 corner of lid
  • 2nd row 3rd from left (burnt orange) - the other 2/3 of lid
  • 2nd row 5th from left (purple) crease  and outer "v"

Hope you girls like it, I tried to stick to one palette.


  1. Beautiful Dawn! I had to re-read the sentence where you said you were influenced by my look! that's any awesome compliment! You know i have passed by this palette so many times but these colours are eye popping! Enjoy!

  2. Thank you!Your look really had me thinking of tropical birds and I enjoy ur blog because you're the 1st one to show where U.S. "midrange" to "higher end" cosmetic products can be found locally.