Sunday, 12 February 2012

My BHcosmetics 120 palette- touch of colour

   I purchased a bhcosmetics 120 palette early last month but I've been rather lazy getting around to using it, because I usually wear minimal makeup and when I do add eye shadow I use my Sacha palettes. So why did I make this purchase you may ask.. hmm.. I love all the pretty bright colours, its highly pigmented, has both matte and shimmery shades and has 120 colours seriously who can complain about that!!

     Anyway I did not purchase this on line, but at the Magical Makeup booth at Trincity mall, I was slowly dithering back and forth between the 2nd and 3rd edition, but with carnival coming up the bright colours won hands down over the neutral colours... which does not mean I've turned my back on the neutral colours but a smaller palette might be more practical.

     I also purchased their stippling brush, which is made of synthetic hair and I've already used. The bristles are very soft, which is a pro in that it don't feel scratchy on your skin and it picks up liquid foundation and stipples in well for that airbrushed look, but when I need to buff in the foundation its splays out to much to be effective for me. So I usually need to my handy little kabuki to do the work.Overall I love this makeup set and its bright deep tones show up really well on my dark skin.Its worth a try =)


  1. Hey Dawn! See u discovered my addictive makeup spot! i cant go near this booth without buying something! Oh and I love the eyemakeup look! Looking forward to seeing more looks with this palette!

  2. Thanks u Naomi, they really have some wonderful products, I'd passed there booth a couple of times but never really checked them out until u actually blogged about some of the brands they sell..then I was like Yeah Goldmine!!
    I'm still playing around with the colors, will try something ..