Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My look for Carnival Tuesday chippin'

      As  the Carnival weekend draws to a close I look forward to the cool down, the beach or river lime and maybe the Avocat Falls hike that two of my overly energetic friends invited me to...On second thought I'm seriously thinking I rather go to a comedy fest or stretch out on a beach that requires no unnecessary exertion on my part to get there than struggling up some hill in the hot sun ..but anyway that's me rambling.. this is my venture into all the variety of greens, yellows and blue that has been dominating the scene this carnival so I'm putting my own spin on things

     Using my old SACHA palette.. at least it in the old packaging (PALETTE # 2 DARK) I started playing around with the colours thinking of tropical birds and  decided upon this look, it was only after I was done did I realise I was more or less  heavily influenced by the look of one of my favourite LOCAL blogger Bellezza in her Citrus Pop look but for me I call this my Pretty Parakeet

For both looks I used my SACHA concealer in caramel
Arista deep brown shadow for eyebrows
L.A Girl fineline and mark my eyes in fine and bold
Milani liquif'eye in black (waterline)
Jackelin lipstick #37 Red

 The colors used for the first look:

  • 2nd row,2nd color counting right (lime green) - center lid
  • 1st row,3rd color counting right (pastel blue) - inner corners of eyes
  • 1st row, 2nd color counting right (blue/green  shade) - outer outer to create  a "v"
  • 2nd row, 1st color counting from your left (mauve ) - used to cut crease

This second look continuing with the tropical bird look, this is my female Eclectus Parrot look.

So these are the color I used for this look:

  • 1st row 2nd from left (yellow) - brow highlight color
  • 1st row 4th from left (light pink) - inner 1/3 corner of lid
  • 2nd row 3rd from left (burnt orange) - the other 2/3 of lid
  • 2nd row 5th from left (purple) crease  and outer "v"

Hope you girls like it, I tried to stick to one palette.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors O_O

     My thoughts on the NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colours...when you look at Chaos through the little window at the base of the packaging it seems to have a slight shimmer, which luckily for me does not transfer unto my lips,( to much shimmer sometimes give an ashy effect) it just gave my lips a nice sheen. It has a creamy/smooth texture, and had a very moisturising effect on my lips and I only needed to apply one wash of colour, and as you can see from the picture below its well pigmented

     The Ulysses seems to look matte at the base of the packaging, but also had the same texture and slight sheen I like the fact that it shows up well on my pigmented lips, with out the aid of a lip liner...but using a liner to fill in the lips would not hurt! I think I'll be trying some other colors. I know locally Wonderful World sells a few NYX products but I'm not sure about these lip colours being available there. These items were bought at Hair City as I mentioned in my previous post for $18. TT but are also available online at www.NyxCosmetics.com

Ingredients: Bees wax,Copenicia,Cerifera (Canuba)wax, Euphobia Cerifera (Candelila) wax, Cerisin, Microcrystalline wax, Polyethylene, Mineral Oil,, Octyldodeanol. Polyisobutene, Ethylhexyl, Palmiate, Diisostearyl Malate, Polyglyceryl-2Trisostearate, Isostearyl Isostearate, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipade-2,Tocopheryl Acetate, BHA, Mics, Pigment (Cl)

These items are also cruelty free and hypoallergenic ;c)

HAIR CITY mini haul = c )

     There is a relatively new store near the end of Henry street, after Churches Chicken walking up on your right from the Lara Promenade side. At first I thought it was just another hair store, of recent so many of them have been opening up in Port of Spain area .. after all it was called HAIR CITY  but upon entering the store I realised they also had a few affordable items such as ladies hair accessories, a variety of fade creams, Mizani hair products,OPI nail polishes and a few cosmetic items, but what really caught my eye was there selections of gel.
This was the largest jar

     I have natural afro-kinky hair and I'm always trying to think up of natural styles than the usual twist, cane row(corn rows) as its called in" Trinbago " don't get me wrong_ I will still rock a wig or weave occasionally_ so imagine my grand shock upon seeing Eco Styler Gel available here in T&T, but after  getting over my surprise I realized that the ones available at the time were the clear Krystal Eco Styler and the Protein Eco Styler gel in black. The sales girl said they had the Olive Oil version but it sold out like hot bread ...seems a lot of" trini" are rocking with the same notion as myself... twist out and may be a wash'n go if my hair is willing! This gel is supposed to be alcohol free, flake free, non tacky, and anti-itch it comes with different strength in terms of "Hold" specific to what you want done to your hair, besides the three I mentioned there is the one with Argon Oil, a blue(for colour treated hair), a pink(firm hold) and a yellow one(extra firm hold).
NYX Eyeshadow base $42. TT

     Besides that, I also came across some NYX products such as the lipsticks,eyebrow pencils, eye shadow bases and even the NYX HD eye primer. So I picked the eye shadow bases in white, the nude I did not rush as I already had the Sacha eye primer in caramel which seems to function as a base as well.They had a nice selection of nail polishes but I opted for two crackle nail polishes to see for myself what the fuss  was all about.. as I've said before I'm really simple with my nails.
(L) MMX11 40Supernatural price $20.TT; Black CK1 $30.TT(R)

      The black from Mia Secret started to crackle as soon as it touched my nail polish it was really fascinating to watch, while the 2012 max makeup CHERIMOYA took a fraction longer but did come through pretty nicely.

      n.b. I am not a professional by any means but i just wanted to show the differences in the crackle from both products so you can judge for yourself what is preferable to you.

This is the Supernatural applied on a white as well as black nail polish,
both are by L.A Colors

This was the Black CK1 applied to the white L.A Colors polish and Jordana
nail polish called Orangesicle 943

Sunday, 12 February 2012

My BHcosmetics 120 palette- touch of colour

   I purchased a bhcosmetics 120 palette early last month but I've been rather lazy getting around to using it, because I usually wear minimal makeup and when I do add eye shadow I use my Sacha palettes. So why did I make this purchase you may ask.. hmm.. I love all the pretty bright colours, its highly pigmented, has both matte and shimmery shades and has 120 colours seriously who can complain about that!!

     Anyway I did not purchase this on line, but at the Magical Makeup booth at Trincity mall, I was slowly dithering back and forth between the 2nd and 3rd edition, but with carnival coming up the bright colours won hands down over the neutral colours... which does not mean I've turned my back on the neutral colours but a smaller palette might be more practical.

     I also purchased their stippling brush, which is made of synthetic hair and I've already used. The bristles are very soft, which is a pro in that it don't feel scratchy on your skin and it picks up liquid foundation and stipples in well for that airbrushed look, but when I need to buff in the foundation its splays out to much to be effective for me. So I usually need to my handy little kabuki to do the work.Overall I love this makeup set and its bright deep tones show up really well on my dark skin.Its worth a try =)