Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Resolution

     This year I'm really looking forward to taking better care of myself

My diet over indulging of JAPS
(a local fast food outlet that sells chicken/fish and fries_gosh I love their Garlic source yumm!)
 Anyway there will be more fruits incorporated into my diet meaning if I can't get local ( I no longer live in the country area...sigh), well foreign fruits will be used_most likely apple and pears. Including multivitamin where lacking.

  I will get my lazy bum unto that elliptical machine I was so wild to get early last year as well as find ways to include the pair of 3lb dumbbells my fitness fanatic friend got me for the Christmas!!

Skin Care
Get serious about my skin care regimen_ cleanse, tone, moisturise daily; exfoliate, steam, mask application when necessary!

Hair Care
              wash weekly, moisturise with water or a leave in conditioner every other day,deep condition every other week and finally starting chapter 3of the Science of Black Hair Care that I bought.

       Doing little handicraft stuff and sewing to help maintain my lovely budget!

Scheduling - giving attention to all of the above with school and work taking a great portion of my time, finding balance is so necessary!!

Personal note:
   Just trusting in God and believing that things though sometimes difficult will be made right according to his will in my life.

                                                       What's your 2012 new year resolution?!!

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