Friday, 27 January 2012

My Foundation Mis- adventures

      I have had problems with finding my perfect foundation shade, for instance at Superpharm while chatting with the lady assigned to the makeup section, L'Oreal True Match in n7 was recommended, this gave my skin a beautiful glow and I felt the shade was perfect for me because I got a lot of compliments upon the even skin tone of my face.I really don't like heavy makeup,most times its powder, concealer, eyeliner and lip balm/lipstick.
      So when my powder was finished I decided to try Pennywise as their products are usually cheaper than Superpharm, here the sales clerk was convinced that I was a L'Oreal n8 cappuccino...jeez! Anyway I bought it, tried it out and though the powder applied beautifully, during the course of the day I realised it would oxidise a shade darker.. :c(
     So recently after hearing such great reviews about Black Opal both from friends and online. I decided I would purchase the Black Opal mineral powder foundation and concealer, only to discover that upon opening the package, that the foundation colour chosen for me by the sales clerk *medium dark* turned out to be way off!!Serious bummer, thankfully the concealer in" toast" was on point!
At night
       So in my interest to get away from the whole powder foundation drama, as well as to try out my recently purchased stippling brush, I decided to try out some Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation. This time I made sure to speak to the actual rep, and I was advised by the Revlon consultant that cappuccino in their line would be too reddish brown, as I had much more of a caramel undertone. Since they did not have the corresponding Colorstay setting powder she called in the other rep who suggested I complement it with the L'Oreal powder in w8 which when I got home proved to be so true to my shade, what do you think?
During daylight did not contain the softflex technology, but I'm still luvin' it  :c)

By the way luckily I have friends of different shades,so they were able to benefit from my mistake and in T&T there is no such thing as exchanges on makeup!!Well... I would like to think that I'm wiser now hopefully...yea.

n.b. living on a tropical island where the time spent outside in the sun can and do produce amazing changes on your skin in a short space of time.


  1. Dawn I can't tell you how many times I got the wrong shade foundation. You have to test them out before buying. Too bad we don't have return policies!

  2. You are so right about the testing,unfortunately some sales clerk are quick to make assumptions as to what they think is right!!But I'll be asking for a color test before I purchase any foundation in the future.l.o.l
    As for return policies..*sigh*.. who knows a miracles might happen?!!