Friday, 20 January 2012

Body Treats store formerly known as BodySecrets

     Last week really started for me with a bang!!My other half got seriously injured and then my classes started so it was a scramble to "prioritise and organise" to suit the situation. So while looking for toiletries and stuff with the in laws I discovered another possible outlet for purchasing a few more mini train cases locally.
So cute!

Aboutique Mall
Frederick St.
Port of Spain

In my fervent hunt last year I really did pass in there to check and they told me around Christmas they would have some in stock, but I'd already discovered my love before that time and bought her home!
The dual snap shots is to just give the an overall view 

  These cases are a bit smaller and one has a mirror, they would certainly fit inside your suite case,for those ladies who travel often, without having to worry about it being misplaced as a singular luggage along with your other stuff. They had at least three selections of mini train cases on display and for the faint of heart or just those who love simplicity, the black faux leather caboodle was also available.
I'm seriously liking the zebra print

 They also sell several makeup brush sets, such as the Kirkland Signature brush set, this included the regular size brushes, and travel set with a faux leather case for each. There were perfumes, makeup sets, lotions and other affordable but popular items that gets us ladies/shopaholics all excited to add to our stash, my sister in law was all taken up with the crackle nail polishes_ she's into doing her own acrylics and nail art_"yuh know the thing!!"

I did not spend much time there,but I do intend to return to check them out again when life returns to some semblance of normalcy,
                                            bye for now!!

(so if you're in the area or you want to check if the item mentioned is available call   1-868-625-9935)



  1. Cute train cases! Still debating whether I need one or not!

  2. Although I already have one, its like I'm seriously tempted!! >_<*Anyway better behave myself* with the knowledge base you have shown/possible makeup collection I think the cases with dividers included would be much more practical, which I've searched for but without success...girl I wish you luck in whatever choice u make!!

  3. I agree, they really are cute :c)