Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A mini haul :)

  Its that time of the year where social event are the norm, whether you choose to celebrate Christmas or not there are many invites to attend Christmas dinners,charity events and work dinners. So in preparation for these events I decided pass into Wonderful World and Pennywise to check out their palettes and hair accessories.While at the first store I saw some sample size nail polish sets for $30.TT ...hmm not too bad_my purchase price for nail polish is usually $10 or less unless the colour is screaming buy me! buy me!_ so I purchased that and a liquid liner.  at the second store I got me some lipsticks and lip liners, made a few spins else where and came home quite pleased with my purchases.

     My first step upon arriving home was to go on line to get information for the most long lasting top coat, I'm no nail expert but in the past after going through the prep work of : condition - base coat - nail polish - top coat with the drying time intervals between each. Its frustrating to discover while doing regular household chores the next day or so  my nails already  shows signs of chipping ...damn!!
  So the top drugstore picks on line are:

 Unfortunately for me I had already bought the Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat which had a lot of mixed reviews concerning its performance on natural nail ..sigh...anyway still  trying it!!

They are Jackelin lipsticks by Patina Cosmetics Inc. the colour to the (L) is Red #37, (R) Chins Red #011
its made in the U.S. and cost $8.95 TT.

Here are some swatches of the liners and stuff

From L to R
The first colour is L.A.Girl fine line which shows way more promise than the Revlon ColorStay blackest black!(its somewhere in my work bag).
Then China Red and Red respectively -lipsticks
These lipstick are very pigmented, semi-matte and true to colour_not to bright for those with medium to dark skin tones.
SANTEE soft eye& lip liner in brown_for my nude lips says its water proof too!
Cara Mia lip liner in Raspberry.
Jordanna lip liner  #20 Cherry

Friday, 2 December 2011

Not the Real Deal, but I'm liking it!

 Do you remember in the days gone by when the the main questions you asked yourself when shopping for a handbag were " is it genuine leather?" "could it hold much?" "was it pretty enough?" "would it match my outfit?" "does it look cheap?" anyway I'm old school so these questions may not matter much to anyone in todays' social atmosphere but I do know an original Chanel bag locally would probably run you into a $1000.00 TT or more...if you can find it .ie
            Today I decided to go to town to pay the usual monthly bills....yes I know this can be done online, but for me nothing beats direct payments, (any problems I can always quote place of business and time). So everywhere you looked people were displaying their "showy" Christmas stuff and whatever discounted items as bait to get you into there stores. So lo and behold when I saw this little item on sale for $55.00 TT you know I had to investigate!!

        Yes people I know its not the real deal, but I've been checking out the fact that a few YouTubers and YouTube gurus have been wearing their replica's as statement pieces without a problem, ( I'm not saying that they don't sometimes have the real deal!!), so for me its a steal because it did not require waiting a whole month for eBay to ship me any item. Speaking of eBay I've been checking out a few other websites of interest that offer fairly good replicas for a person on a budget, but that's for another day.

If you're in T&T check your local variety stores and Chinese owned variety never know what you'll find!(this was bought at FAI'S---a local hardware...crazy huh?!!)