Monday, 7 November 2011

My Splurge!

     So this month I decided to treat myself ...umm with car troubles, family ailments and job stresses, I just felt the need to be good to me, after all who knows best how you want to be appreciated other than yourself ( well yeah God, and maybe your mom, husband etc....)
    Anyways as a teenager I was always addicted to magazines such as TEEN, Seventeen and Elle and I remembered those little plastic organizers and thought that they were so cute!! So sometime last year while passing through West mall I happened across this luggage store which had an abundance of these little organizers (train cases -as I learnt from you tube) and jewellery boxes but the prices were pretty high!(sigh)

      So this year when I decided to check back there was absolutely none!! The sales clerk was different and certainly had no idea what I was describing?!! All they had was luggages and a very small variety of jewellery boxes and oh yeah a cigar case as well!(duh) To make a long story short I searched a couple of other places, even stopping off at my favorite handbag store in Trincity mall, then finally decided to surf the net (Amazon for sure) and had settled on the black caboodle's train case because of the awesome reviews  and discounted price!!
     So lo and behold I was in great shock when passing through Trincity mall to purchase a quick lunch ( at Boomers), staring across at me from the "Hip Hop" store was my train case!!It was a little larger than I wanted, but it felt sturdy. It took me a whole month but today my baby is at home with me!! My only critique was it had a strange smell so I'm letting it air out a bit.

Disclaimer: I am no makeup artist, no thoughts of being one...just all about loving nice things for myself and sharing that info with others.
(Its an unknown brand but I believe if you check on Ebay or Amazon you may find one similar)