Sunday, 30 October 2011

This little light - dewali

Last week the Hindu community around the world celebrated Diwali, it is said to be the "festival of lights". In preparation for this time, there is fasting and no form of meat is allowed.There is the general house cleaning and decorating as is usual with those who celebrate Eid and Christmas in "trinbago". The celebration or pray usually last for five days, midway of this on the darkest night there is the lighting of deyas,(little clay pots filled with coconut oil and a little wick) so for 2011 it officially started on Monday 17th, October, with the actual lighting up taking place on Wednesday.
So last week with all the lovely rain and major drops in phone service I had no intention of leaving the house,so decided to call a couple of friends  to wish them the best on their special day which resulted in two dropped calls and one success call which had my friend convincing me to just pass in, she was not doing anything elaborate and I did not need to stay long. Anyway this call took place around 11am, in true trini styling I did not arrive until 2pm. We proceeded to catch up on all sort of "ole talk", then she had to go walk the dog and change etc.
What was just a passing thru, worked out to be a lime and I was there for the actual preparation and setting up of lights. She explained to me that the celebration represents the success of good over evil, removal of obstacles and the entering of financial prosperity for the new year and that each day had a special significance and story.
I know I'm late but I want to wish all a" shubh dewali..."

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