Thursday, 27 October 2011

Scary times on our roads

For the past week or two I've been having bad dreams, no it was not caused by indigestion or spending time watching scary movies, - that's not my scene! So last week Wednesday night (closer to 1:55am Thursday morning ) I woke up scared silly thinking I was going to die. The dream went like this ... I was in the backseat sitting next to a woman with a blond wig and someone else who I could not clearly identify. I was apparently on my way to work, the taxi stopped off for her to collect her daughter and she returned to the car while the third passenger a male, disappeared and reappeared in the front seat next to the driver. Anyway the vehicle was going up a slight incline on its way to passing a hospital, when an ambulance speeding out of the compound slammed into a brick barrier, flipped into the air and came hurtling towards our car... all I felt was the impact and when I opened my eyes I was in my  bed staring blurry eyed  at the time on my digital clock/radio. I was in a funk for days!!I told a close friend about it, and she spoke of prayers as a way to find comfort, but what really shook me up the most was the Monday when leaving work I overheard some co workers discussing an accident where an SUV carrying two arguing adults, who somehow swerved there vehicle into the median separating the east bound traffic from the west bound traffic causing there SUV to flip into the air and land upon two other vehicles on the highway going in the opposite direction, resulting in the death of three one of which was a colleague and friend of myself (and a few of the others having  the previous heated discussion), this incident took place on Thursday night, and he was on his way to work... he will be missed, along with the the other two who lost their life that day.
 To put this in a nutshell, I wonder to myself did anyone of them wake up that morning with any sense of dread that life would not be the same for them as they knew it...I know we all have to go someday, but when a tragedy like this happens to close friends and family, its just another reminder of our own mortality...
Please people, be careful on the road and may the God the creator bless and keep you safe another day.

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