Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wash Day

Decided to do my weekly wash (yes its the middle of the week but when you work shift, days don't really have much significance unless its a holiday!), and for the past month I've been experimenting with a deep conditioner mix that seems to be working quite well...
My hair soaking wet and before I add the shampoo..

When I use the lustrasilk on its own, its just ok, but when mixed with the above combination my hair feels a bit more soft and silky.
This is after I took my plastic cap off

I also happen to like the fact that these products are affordable and easily available, so when its finish I can always re-purchase these items at the local grocery, pharmacy, variety store or at our local "anything/everything" variety type store- Pennywise.
Its a bit untidy but it still feels soft and not coarse and frizzy

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